1. Menorcamar & Charter is formed by all those who participate: customers, direct suppliers, the staff that works in it.
    2. The fun and good relationship is the main objective of our company, which, who does not provide this good relationship we do not want to be related to Menorcamar & Charter (customers / suppliers / staff).
    3. We seek to ensure that the customers, suppliers and personnel of the company are satisfied.
    4. We promote long-term relationships, teamwork (win-win) including our customers, suppliers and competition.
    5. We have Principals and clear organization and we listen to each other so we can understand other points of view, propose, change the ways of doing work, develop relationships.
    6. When we commit ourselves to something, we comply with it, and if it is not possible we notify, we anticipate it.
    7. Quality is above productivity, tasks are performed in the specified way.
    8. When we have questions and we are committed to helping each other, helping means collaborating to finish a task and teaching how to do that task.
    9. The problems and misunderstandings are dealt with quickly in a clear and direct way so that they are solved, the good forms are always maintained.
    10. We need to obtain money to pay the costs and investments that the company anticipates.