Owning a fleet of 25 boats, we can offer you the best price, such as the rental of semi-rigid boats, between 10 and 6 meters and capacity of 12 people. They offer an exceptional navigation! .

Capacity of 12 people

Depending on the model you choose to rent, the capacity of each boat can vary from 5 to 12 people. The most requested is the semi-rigid boat, with capacity for 12 people. Book your boat day and prepare your best vacations!

Exclusive Service

Exclusive service: we have an unbeatable mooring location and office in the port of Mahón, a “Basque txoko” for you to prepare or buy your snacks, accessories for snorkeling, paddle surfing … and a free parking very close. You can’t ask for more!


The boats are equipped with technology to know the location, speed, depth and weather. In addition, there is communication between the boat and the office so that in case you have any questions we can help you, and if you get lost, we can find you without problems!.




We are Menorca Mar & Charter, a boat rental charter company, located in Moll Levant 96, in the port of Mahon.

We have a fleet of 35 boats, moored in front of our office, where you can find all kinds of boats, from boats where you can sleep, to boats that can be operated without a license.

Our approach is passion, kindness, care and sympathy.

Our goal is that you have fun and enjoy as much as possible the different experiences we offer, so we have made our office a fun space where you feel like being.

The time you spend in our facilities will be as pleasant and fun as the excursion you are going to do.


In addition, we provide accessories so you can take them to the boat and enjoy a day of snorkeling, skiing, wake or paddle surfing. In our gastronomic corner “Txoko”, you can make your own food for your excursion and buy ice, food and drinks.

For those who prefer to finalize the booking process “in situ” instead of “on line”

“We adapt to your requests and suggest you the best options available to make your experience, at least, incomparable.

nauticaL ACADEMY

If you like sailing, we offer you to obtain the qualification while you enjoy the sea with a professional teacher skipper, the next day you can navigate by yourself, or in the courses that we take regularly.

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Sailing Menorca

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Our team

Our team of professionals are the best connoisseurs of the secrets of the island. They will show you the boats, offer you the best recommendations and guide you like no one else through the paradise of Menorca.